Massage Hanoi According To Ancient Methods.

Massage Hanoi According To Ancient Methods At Moc Linh Duong.

This method is called Acupressure Massage, It helps:

  • Fix the problem of pain and fatigue in the neck, shoulders, back
  • Pain in legs and arms due to activity, walking a lot
  • Reduce stress, body fatigue. Helps relax and sleep well
  • Eliminate toxins, help restore health 
You will experience the following great things:

1- Herbal Steam Bath and Herbal Foot Bath: Help the body enhance metabolism, eliminate toxins. After steaming, the body will gently relax, no stress

Massage Hanoi Herbal steam bath at Moc Linh Duong
Herbal steam bath at Moc Linh Duong

Koreans are very fond of this herbal sauna method because it helps to calm down, relieve fatigue, restore lost energy. Most spas in Korea have been using this therapy. And you will experience here with the best natural fresh herbs.

Herbal Foot Bath at Moc Linh Duong
Herbal Foot Bath Massage Hanoi 
Herbal foot soak is not only good for health but also can treat many diseases. Because the foot contains most of the points corresponding to the internal organs. 
So, soaking your feet with herbs accompanied by foot reflexology will help regulate the function of the organs, thereby affecting the entire body.

Then, we prepare to step 2, Acupressure Massage

2- Body Reflexology Massage In 1 Hour: Help to completely eliminate fatigue problems in the parts of the body. Strengthen immunity helps eat well, sleep well.

You will feel great not only in 60 minutes but also after that.

Body Reflexology Massage Hanoi
Body Reflexology Massage

With 350,000 VND, you can experience all these wonderful things. 

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